BITCOIN launches itself in 2014!

WOW, what a first week of the year 2014 For BITCOIN Value!

We started out this Jan 1st with BITCOIN just cracking the $800 per. Then, over the course of 3 days, we see it skyrocket to just shy of it’s all time peak from December at Nearly $1000! That’s a 20% increase in value in less than a week! SELL! SELL!

Of course it’s settling back down into  $850’s as of this writing as it prepares for it’s next move. Up? Down further? What do you think? Comment below.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.19.29 PM


January 2, 2014

Bitcoin Value GrowthFrom the beginning of 2013 to the Start of 2014 – Bitcoin has increased in value nearly 10000%

Some experts conjecture the value of bitcoin could reach over $30,000 by 2015. Considering that in January 2013 it was worth just over $12, and by December 2013 it peaked at over $1100, it’s not impossible to imagine. Today, it has settle back down to the mid $700’s. This is similar to the growth spurt that we saw in April 2013 where it quickly rose to over $250, then a week later settled back to the mid $100’s before it’s December climb.

Does this mean you should cash in your 401K and go all in? NO! Not a chance. Bitcoin’s volitility is not suitable for retirement funding. However, if you have disposable income that you’d like to “play with” I couldn’t imagine a better bet.